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Proper Care of Your Septic System

Proper Care of Your Septic System

Use less water, reduce the work on the septic system. Also, try to even out the timing of water consumption. Examples, do laundry throughout the week instead of all at once; use flow reducer nozzles on showers; install water-conserving commodes.

Keep trees at least 100 feet away from the septic system. Trees with aggressive roots, such as willows, should be planted even farther away. Tree roots can ruin a septic system.

Design drainage, landscape, downspouts, and foundation drains to divert excess water away from the septic system so the drainage field does not overfill.

Never flush/drain solids- kitty litter, disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, facial tissues, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, or the like. They will quickly fill and clog your septic tank. Additionally the use of heavy, thick toilet tissue is not recommended for septic systems. Garbage disposals will double the amount of solids in a septic tank Purchase high-horsepower, top quality disposals.

Do not overuse heavy cleaners, especially those containing bleach. They kill bacteria that help decompose solids in the septic tank.

Don’t pour grease down the drain. On top of other issues, it can clog your drain field- an expensive septic system repair.

Don’t t flush/drain hazardous chemicals. They harm your septic system and will eventually end up in the ground water.

Don’t drive over the drain field, or cover it with concrete, asphalt, a structure or swimming pool... Use a quality enzyme product for proper bacteria formation.

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