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Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Maintenance


All-American Septic Service strongly recommends you follow a scheduled maintenance plan for your septic system. In addition to risking an overflow or failure, full tanks make your pump work much harder, much like full bags and dirty filters make the motor on your vacuum work harder.

There are other reasons you may need your septic tank might need service sooner:

  • You are having a reception, party or large gathering
  • You have frequent visitors or guests
  • You have plumbing back-ups or gurgling sounds in drain
  • Slow draining sinks/toilets
  • There are septic odors or wet spots in your yard
  • Some areas of the yard grass is greener and grows more quickly
  • You are selling your home
  • Older septic systems need pumped more often

Whether you want scheduled service or now need an emergency septic tank pumping, you can count on All American Septic Service to meet all of your septic tank needs.

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