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Tank Alarm Inspections

Tank Alarm Inspections

If your septic tank alarm is continuously going off, you should call us as soon as possible. Neglecting the alarm could result in your home being flooded with sewage.

Here are some reasons for your alarm to go off:


Your septic tank pumps last about 10-12 years on average. Once it fails, waste water will stop being moved to the drain field and the alarm will go off. Obviously, you will need to get this fixed as soon as possible.


Heavy rainfall in your area may cause the tank to accumulate water. The extra work moving this water may be more than your pump can handle. The alarm will go off to alert you to the problem. If this is the reason, the alarm should stop once the excess water has had time to drain.


Most Pumps are electric, so power outages will stop the pump from functioning. Once the power is restored and the pump had time to normalize, the alarm will stop.


The pipe that moves waste water to the drain field can get clogged or damaged, setting off the alarm. The pipe can get clogged up due to scum buildup, excess water, or various other reasons.


Although the wastewater gets pumped into the drain field, the solids accumulate in your tank and need routine pumping. If your tank is overdue for pumping, the alarm will go off.

Only a certified septic service technician can find the true source of your alarm going off. While spending the money for a sudden service call is unwelcome, the results of sewage overflow is much more unwelcome.

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